Business Trips to Iceland

Improving group dynamics in beautiful surroundings

Business Groups

Efra Nes offers a variety of services for business groups looking to enjoy a unique and memorable time together. We offer delicious and diverse cuisine, ranging from a relaxed bbq to a set menu, using fresh, local and seasonal produce.

The venues; the Barn, the Cowshed and the Explorer room can be adapted in each event whether the gathering is big or small. Efra Nes is the ideal place to come together to improve group dynamics all the while being pampered in the clean country air. The stunning views and the purling in the nearby salmon river Þverá only add to the charm and the detailed interior and careful decorations take it to the next caliber.

There is plenty of room inside and out so no matter the weather, Efra Nes's professional team will make sure your moment with us is one for the books.

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The Facilities

Efra Nes can be enjoyed in many wonderful ways and the seasons play an important factor throughout. From the cooking and decorations to the ambiance and scent we always make the most of the microenvironment.

We go above and beyond to meet each and everyone's needs.

The venues offered are the following:

The Barn - up to 150 people

The Cowshed - up to 130 people

Explorers room - 10 people

In front of the Cowshed, you will find a cozy outdoor deck where you can bundle up with woolen blankets and skins whilst enjoying the fire pit that sits in the center. This is a lovely way to end the day or perhaps join in a song or two.


For those who wish for the whole experience can book a tent camp on the farm. There guests can crawl into their tents after a night of singing and playing the guitar by the fire. The tents are made for two people and have sleeping bags and mattresses. This is a perfect arrangement for those who want to enjoy the countryside experience!


At Efra Nes and in the surrounding area of Borgarfjörður you can find many varied attractions and activities to enjoy.

A sound system, microphones, beamer, screen and a podium are available for speeches or games, both in- and outdoors are spacious for big group ventures and having smores or Irish Coffees at the firepit are always magical moments.

For those who would like to start the trip with adventures in Borgarfjörður, and end the day at Efra Nes with delicious drinks and dinners, we can recommend:

Ice Cave exploring in the glacier Langjökull which can be visited on enormous super trucks or even on a full-throttle snowmobile tour.

Lava Cave visit to Víðgelmir which is by many considered one of the most remarkable lava cave in the world. It is the biggest one in Iceland and is home to incredible natural ice sculptures and other natural phenomena. In recent years human remains have been discovered in the cave adding even more mystique to the whole surroundings.

Deildartunguhver and Krauma is a beautiful combo stop where the natural powers of Deildartunguhver, the most powerful hot spring in Europe, has been utilized into the bathing spa Krauma, where stunning Nordic architecture is ubiquitous.

Golf by the waterfall Glanni, at Hamri and in the birch paradise Húsafell.

Other stunning gems in the area are Glanni and Hraunfossar waterfalls, Grábrók volcanic crater and Paradísarlaut hollow.