Country Wedding in Iceland

The Romantic Country Wedding

Country Wedding

The dream of a romantic country wedding in Iceland comes true at Efra Nes.

The farm has been newly renovated, where every detail, crook and cranny has been carefully thought out and made to fit the rustic country feel. The farm offers two venue options, the Barn and the Cowshed, hosting from 130-150 people.

The staff, a collective of experts in event and party planning, enthusiastically go above and beyond to make the experience for everyone as special and custom-made as possible so feel open to sending us your dream vision and ideas for your wedding.

The location also offers a private room for the soon to be married couple to change clothes or freshen up. The room is in perfect harmony with the whole farm making it an ideal spot for close ups if a photographer follows along.

Send us a request for your special day, or click the enquiry button.

The Reception

We cater each reception by the couple’s wishes and can arrange decorations, toastmasters, music and musicians, photographers, driving services or anything else the couple might desire on the special day. We also offer a wide range of options for cuisines ranging from classic bbq’s to high end catered menus, served by our first class waiters.

Another hidden gem at Efra Nes is the vintage bridal car, the old but newly restored tractor, and the horse carriage that can be booked upon request for the party.

Efra Nes offers three venues and they are the following:

The Barn - up to 150 people

The Cowshed - up to 130 people

The Explorers room - 10 people

The Cowshed also offers a delightful outdoor area with benches and a large fire pit for everyone to enjoy together. Here people love to bundle up under a woolen blanket, drink, sing or simply enjoy the moment.

The Vintage Bridal Car

Every little detail is carefully thought out at Efra Nes and the bridal car is no exception.

It was specially imported from Britain and fits perfectly into the romantic country ambience.

The car is a Morris Minor 1000, in an idyllic turquoise color and can be requested for the ceremony. We especially recommend getting it for the photoshoot. It is simply divine.


In Borgarfjörður you can find many charming churches in all different sizes and shaped. Here are some of those closest to Efra Nes:

Stafholtskirkja - 12 km (7.5mi) from Efra Nes

Reykholtskirkja - 18 km (11.2mi) from Efra Nes

Hvanneyrarkirkja - 30 km (18.6mi) from Efra Nes

Borgarneskirkja - 30 km (18.6 mi) from Efra Nes

Stóra-Áskirkja - 32 km (19.9 mi) from Efra Nes

Lundarkirkja - 35 km (21.7 mi) from Efra Nes

Looking for a unique ceremony?

How about getting married in a lava cave or perhaps an ice cave? Amongst the birch trees in Húsfell og maybe even in the Barn at Efra Nes? We will help you choose the perfect spot.

The Location and Surroundings

At the riverbank of the gorgeous river Þverá stands the farm Efra Nes tall and bright. It is painted in the traditional Icelandic farm colors white and red and the view from there is mesmerizing. We encourage you to stop a moment and take it all in once you arrive. It is truly magical.

Closeby you can find Kleppjárnsreykir, a swimming pool and an organic vegetables market. Not far from there is then Deildartunguhver hot spring which is the the most powerful of all in Europe but next to it you can also find the bathing paradise Krauma.

For those looking for a more active adventure the glacier Langjökull is not far from Efra Nes with its snowmobile tours and ice cave sensations. However, if you want to dig deeper the lava caves are equally incredible.

Other natural beauties around are waterfalls such as Hraunfossar, the crater Grábrók, lava oasis Paradísarlaut (literally named the paradise hollow) and the watersprinkler Glanni. For the golfers there are excellent options near the last named waterdall as well as by Hamar and in the birch and lava park of Húsafell.