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Are you planning an anniversary, a large gathering or a party in Iceland?

When the aim is for an unforgettable event the location is immensely important and the romantic country ambiance at Efra Nes has a way of meeting everyone’s needs.

The farm has been newly renovated, where every detail, crook and cranny has been carefully thought out and made to fit the setting. Efra Nes is wonderfully secluded whilst still only an hour’s drive from the capital making it the perfect getaway.

The road leading up the farm is framed by tall trees that start the adventure of a visit which then never ceases to amaze. Whether it is the charming Icelandic horses greeting you by the fence, the vintage turquoise Morris Minor 1000, the rustic barn interior or the incredible local cuisine everyone is sure to find their appeal.

The staff enthusiastically goes above and beyond to make the experience for everyone as special and custom-made as possible so feel open to sending us your dream vision of an event.

Send us a request for your special day, efranes@efranes.is or click the enquiry button.

The Venues

Efra Nes offers three locations and they are the following:

The Barn - up to 150 people

The Cowshed - up to 130 people

The Explorers room - 10 people

The Cowshed also offers a delightful outdoor area with benches and a large fire pit for everyone to enjoy together. Here people love to bundle up under a woolen blanket, drink, sing or simply enjoy the moment.

The Surrounding Area

Efra Nes sits at the riverbank of the lovely Þverá river in Borgarfjörður which is famous for its fly-fishing and stellar views.

The surrounding area then offers incredible opportunities for adventures and activities such as ice- and lava caves, horseback riding or even hot spring bathing. The seasons play a beautiful role in everything ranging from our decorations and epicureanism at Efra Nes to the natural Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Efra Nes and its professional team capture the essence of each season and make it into an everlasting memory.